Body Rise

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Body rise (力向上頂) is the power that is created by rebouncing the flow of the release of weight back up into the body by using the impulse platform.
It returns as a wave up through the total body.
We also refer to this power as Li (力) power.
Li power also results in small vibrations that are not obvious to see from outside, but influence the strength and the warmness in the body.
Similar kinds of vibrations can be found in the form of the small movements that are responsible for the temperature of a body (see “Brownian Motion“).
Body rise is re-lived — fulfilling the total body on every step taken — to be able to move into space.
The way that body rise takes in the body depends on whether we stand on one or two legs and in which way we activate the chest and head (see Create Total Posture on Two Legs and Create Total Posture on One Leg).

Body Rise on Two Legs

Li power goes up along each leg, over the corresponding outside edge of the pubic bone, through the pelvis, crossing each other at L5, continuing on the opposite side of the spine, crossing again at C5 to enter the head behind the ears.
3D View

Body Rise on One Leg

Li power goes up along the leg, over the corresponding outside edge of the pubic bone, up to and across L5, continue on the free side of the body up to T10, completing the build-up of the base on one leg.

1) Activating Chest on Supporting Side

Li Power flows up from T10 on the free side crossing T5 to continue on the supporting side.
It then crosses again at C5 to flow up and enter the head behind the ear on the free side.
For this choice, the Li Power crosses the spine three times in total.
3D View

2) Activating Chest on Free Side

For this choice, Li Power crosses at T10 as well and flows up on the supporting side, crossing at T5 to continue up on the free side, crossing at C5 to reach the skull behind the ear on the supporting side.
In this case, the Li Power crosses the spine four times in total. This creates a higher possibility of elasticity and freedom in the joints to increase the time value and the volume of the inner space.
3D View
Finally, in all the above cases, Li power is guided to pass:
  • through the two parts of the brain and out through the frontal fontanel
  • out through the “3rd eye” between the physical eyes
  • to the back of the skull and out on the same side as the Li power entered the skull

Body Rise in Relationship to Gravities

Body rise results from the rebounce of the gravities into the ankle.
The relationship between the gravities and the body rise is illustrated on the page about gravities.
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