Total Awareness

Awareness means that mind and body melt together to be fully awake so that everything has the same value to be total.
In contrast, attention has a value exclusive to one thing.
There are four levels of total awareness:
  1. Level: Weight and Energy
    Awareness of the release of gravities and the flow of Qi energy between them.
  2. Level: Fulfillment of Inner Space
    Mind, Qi Energy and the rebounce creating Li power activate the chakras to fulfill the inner space of the body.
  3. Level: Sensing Outside Space
    The energy extends from the inside space through the skin so that the vibration of it can be felt in the outside space around the living posture.
  4. Level: Communication
    Sensing the outside space, you can feel other people and the activity in the room to be able to communicate and to be felt by the people around you.

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