Story behind the Knowledge

As explained in the introduction, on this website, we present movement knowledge and tools to create a living body to move with quality and effortlessness.
This knowledge originates from Lasse’s active career as a dancer and teacher from when he was 8 years old to this day — going through 27 years of training, taking lessons, performing and now teaching for almost 30 years on top of that.
During this time, Lasse and his partner Laila were given lots of information from their maestros Bill and Bobbie Irvine, Doreen Freeman, Wolfgang Opitz and many more.
They all gave them clear golden statements without too much explanation — such as:
  • “Never give your body to your partner — it belongs to your own pressure of your foot!”
  • “When you can fill up your Inner Space, everybody can feel you!“
  • “To flow around the floor is the most sensational thing you can do — without using your physical body!”
  • “Infiltrate the music into your body!”
  • “I don’t want to hear you — I want to feel you, so I can see you!” 
Lasse then came to the point that he liked to investigate the given information and decided to take time to start to research deeper into what he had been taught.
In this process, Markus has assisted and challenged Lasse to find a deeper truth and depth for the last 8 years.
This journey took them through many areas of study to find more facts and information regarding the statements from Lasse’s maestros and other aspects of movement.
In particular, they also consulted with many other experts of different fields such as Qi Energy Philosophy, Gyrotonic, Spiral Dynamics and NLP to exchange information and create a wider foundation of information and knowledge.
Furthermore, they thought about and established new ways to present the information in an engaging way. Therefore, most pages are illustrated with 3D models and animations.
The information on this website represents the first stage of this ongoing research.
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