On this website, we summarise movement knowledge and tools to create a living body to move with quality and effortlessness.
To learn about the background of this knowledge, refer to the Story behind the Knowledge.
To create quality and effortlessness in movement, the development as a human being in itself and the development of the corresponding knowledge have to go hand in hand.
Therefore, we have chosen a specific order of information to prepare the state of the mind and the body to come to this level of quality.
The first step is to achieve a suitable state of mind to be able to go into the different “boxes” of knowledge. This process is an action in itself to prepare to be ready to learn, to activate yourself and to feel your inner body art and its ways of entering different areas of knowledge.
In the first box, we discover and feel the Energy flows inside the body as well as their rebounce to create inner power.
Then, we investigate the release of Weight of the body in the form of several gravities.
Based on this, we set up Bone Action Areas in the body and describe how to activate them by Internal Activity Lines in order to create Total Awareness. Only then, we are ready for Movement into Space.
Through Communication with a talking living posture, we move together in the space effortlessly.

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