Rebounce to Create Energy

3D View
Rebounce is achieved by the use of the Impulse Platform that is formed by the plantar fascia underneath the foot, which connects the heel to the toes.
The released weight extends the platform and creates a trampoline effect so that rebounce power is created and can be led up and back into the body (see body rise).
Therefore, the impulse platform acts like an engine converting the Qi (氣) energy of released weight into a power directed upwards, called Li (力) power.
意 與 氣 合
氣 與 力 合
(Intention and Qi are together — Qi and Li are together)

The Efficiency of Rebouncing

Rebounce is re-lived on every step taken, which renews the flow of body rise from step to step.
Moving through space in this way is more efficient than moving through space along a straight horizontal line — as illustrated in the following video:
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