Vertical Energy Flow

3D View
氣 往 下 沈

The Importance of Vertical Energy Flow

The release of mind and body tension is necessary to create the vertical flow to be able to feel and listen to the inner voice of the body.
This gives each individual the chance to enter their own inner centring to express their inner power.
The main vertical flows of energy we also refer to as Qi (氣) energy.

Main Pathways

  1. The main central flow enters the top of the head, flows down the spine through the pelvis into the earth.
  2. Two lines enter between the key bones and the shoulder blades on each side, going down along the side of the spine crossing in the pelvis to meet the main central flow and then flow down the opposite legs through the feet into the earth.
  3. Two more lines extend from the points where the two previous lines enter the body. They flow through the shoulder joints and arms into the hands and out of the middle fingers.
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