Create Total Posture on Two Legs

3D View
Body rise is when Li power has been rebounced to fulfill the posture with upswing.
To guide the body rise along the “golden road”, activate the following activity lines:
  1. Build-up the base as described in Activity Lines in the Base.
  2. To connect the chest to the base, activate T5 downwards into L5 and into the corresponding ankles. Then, Li Power flows from T5 up to the level of the key bones.
  3. To fulfill the vertical body rise through the skull, activate C5 downwards to able to release and form the atlas bone (see Atlas Action Area).
    As a result, Li Power enters the skull behind the ears and goes out through the frontal fontanel, through the “3rd eye” between the physical eyes as well as through the back of the skull to create a free spine and head.
  4. Activate the 3rd ribs to the side to create freedom in the sternum as well as the key bones to be able to open the inner space in the shoulder joints. Then, the flow of Qi energy can enter the arms and hands to release them.
  5. Activate the wrists and the middle fingers sideways to flow Qi energy to let the arms be placed to the side.
    After this, the joints in the arms are free so that the little fingers can activate to shape the arms into a characteristic form.
Now, the arms and hands are part of the living posture and its activity.
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