Joint Areas

The skeleton of the body consists of bones with joints connecting them.
The function of the joints is to activate the bones, to re-live the flow of Qi energy and to lead Li power into all directions inside the body.
This flow of energy creates a feeling of a total awareness of inner space.
This sensation gives us flexibility and elasticity for activating and forming body gestures to express your inner voice through the body dynamically.
A joint is generally located where any two bones facets meet.
If there are more than two bones meeting in the same place, there are technically “sub-joints” between each two bones. Counting all these separately, we find about 360 joints in the body.
For the sake of simplicity, we here consider these places as one functional joint, resulting in about 190 functional joints.
As shown by the different colours in the picture, we group the joints into seven areas of different amounts of joints (refer to the numbers in the picture).
Note that these areas are linked by 10 more joints — which create the flow of energy to reach all the bone areas:
  • 2 (Upper) Ankles
  • 2 Hip joints
  • 1 Spine-pelvis (lumbar-sacral) joint
  • 2 Chest-key bone (Sterno-clavicular) joint
  • 1 Head-spine (atlanto-occipital) joint
  • 2 Wrists
Through the joints, we are able to create various bone action areas.

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