Release of Gravities

3D View
The relationship between the gravities is felt only by using the action of release.
Releasing is to take away unnecessary tension in the body and mind to be able to feel the flow and communication between the gravities.
Therefore, we never stretch gravities away from each other.
To release the gravities is one of the most important and challenging actions that is taken to be able to get in touch with the body and its flow of energy.
We do not release all gravities at the same time, but we group them into 6 release areas to create their total release into the ankle.
In the picture above, we depict these areas by means of different colours of gravities and also show the order in which to release them.
We can go into more detail by also describing the release order within each area — which is shown in the picture below:
Bigger Picture of Release of Mind
Power Brains – Release of Mind
Many people today have a very developed brain training and created “power brains”!
The society and life form of today have a big influence on people developing “power brains” – which is good, but it is making it more and more difficult to keep the relation and communication between body and brain!
To be able to release the weight, the release of mind is a necessity to be able to establish the balance between the mind and the body.
This brings the person to the “state of total awareness”.
What many people are not aware of is that the speed of the brain is so different to the rest of the body and therefore, the process takes a lot of time and commitment to bring the total body together.
So it is not a passive thing to do, but one of the most “active” actions you can do!

To “release” is one of the most difficult things to do for people. Most of them are afraid or not willing to go through this process because the effect of the “release” creates confusion. The empty feeling that people experience in the beginning scares them to not go on with the process. This is stopping many people to fulfill their possibilities and dreams!
If you do not go through this process, these people are more orientated to create “cosmetic movement” and use most of the time, even years, to “force themselves” to make the “right” picture to please the external look for others as well as themselves!
Most of the people are not able to overcome or go through this level in their life.
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