Living Posture Moving into Space

Prepare to Move into the Space

  1. Releasing mind and gravities to let Qi energy flow downwards into the ankle and floor
  2. Rebounce to create Li power
  3. Guide Li power up through the body to activate the chakras to open and fulfill the inner space with body rise
In this way, we achieve total inner awareness to start to sense outside space around our own posture.
Then, our living posture is ready to move into space.

Elasticity between Weight and Li Power

In the living posture, the falling weight and the returning Li power are in an elastic opposition.
The resulting energy goes through the golden proportion bone T5 to explode to create a direction into the space as well as the form of the posture.
Therefore, the energy is moving the body into the space, while the gravities are still releasing into the ankle.

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