Expression of “I am” in Communication

The communication centres that send and receive impulses and information are connected to your inner voice of “I am”.
The decision of what you would like to express in each moment is created by the “state of mind” of entering the body by merging Qi energy and Li power and using activity lines.
You are then able to express yourself through the T5 Action Area and the three communication centres in the five following ways:

Time Value in

  • One’s own inner space
  • The outside space
  • The music
  • Relationship to the partner:
    Between the action of one partner
    and the re-action of the other
    as well as the re-action of the re-action

Listening, Feeling, Sensing

  • Listen to the total awareness of yourself as to which action to take.
  • Feel the action.
  • Sense the partner’s reaction and the time value and space of it.


The activity of the T5 Action Area creates the direction:
  • to the partner
  • of the swing and placement of the free foot
  • of the expression of energy into the space

Characteristic Form

The action of the T5 Action Area shapes the flow of energy into the characteristic form of the movement.

Power from Energy

The power in the movement is created by the strength and use of impulses of the Li power in the body (see Body Rise).
We can use it to create:
  • different Time Values and different intensities of the movement
  • different interpretations of musical expression of the movement

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