Activity Lines in the Base

Release all gravities to enter the supporting ankle(s) into the impulse platform(s).
To create an active base as a foundation for life and freedom of the upper part:
  1. Activate the gravity of the supporting thigh(s) down into the supporting ankle(s).
  2. Activate the supporting knee(s) backwards as an impulse for the ankle(s) to be activated.
  3. Activate the supporting ankle(s) into the floor in cooperation with the knees’ activity and the pressure from the thigh(s) downwards
    to activate the impulse platform(s) to rebounce and guide the Li power up through the ankle(s), over the outside edge(s) of the pubic bone(s) on the supporting side(s), through the pelvis and up to and across L5 to have the pelvis and legs hanging freely from it.
    (This creates free joints in the supporting leg to support the Li power in it. On one leg, it also creates a twist between the pubic bones so that the free side of the pelvic bones is able to swing the free leg effortlessly.)
  4. Activate L5 upwards to support the flow of Li power and to create a platform for the release of T5 and C5 into it (see Create Total Posture on Two Legs).
  5. Activate the supporting knee(s) forward to create a lowering and to re-activate the flow of the wave of Li power to be rebounced up to L5 to create a constantly living energy in the base.
To complete the total posture, release and activate of the upper part of the body into base as described in Create Total Posture on Two Legs.

Illustration on one Foot

Note that the supporting hip is lower than the free hip, the pubic bone is twisted and the lower spine is bent side-ways (L5 Action Area).
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